Remember life before e-mail?

...Before cell phones?

...Before whole home control?
Whole Home Control is a home technology integrator. Our focus is on delivering cost effective technology solutions that improve the comfort, efficiency and security of your home.

You are no doubt already familiar with many forms of home technology: the remote you use to change TV channels or open your garage door; the cordless phone in your kitchen; the computer you are using right now to read this web page. Remember life before you had these?

It may seem, in fact, that this technology is all around you. Yet, most homes do not even begin to scratch the surface of what's possible and even cost effective using newly available systems: Making this, and much more, available and cost effective for you - that's just what we do at Whole Home Control.

Check out our entry level solutions for easy ways to start enjoying whole home control.

Or, look through our complete list of solutions to see just what's possible!