Remember life before e-mail?

...Before cell phones?

...Before whole home control?
Our entry level solutions are designed to provide you with basic home control at a very reasonable price. The components included are the same ones used in more advanced solutions, so you'll have plenty of room to grow.

Have a look below at our three most popular entry level solutions. Of course, we can also design a custom solution for you, limited only by your imagination and your budget!

Package One - The Entertainer: A/V with a Taste of Lighting

This package will introduce you to whole home control by taking your home TV, video and music experience to a whole other level. In the future, expand audio and video distribution to other areas of the house; put more home lighting under control; add your heating and air conditioning to whole home control. All of this expansion will be simple and cost effective with this starter package that gives you plenty of room to grow!

Package Two - Green Machine: Lighting and HVAC

This package will appeal to those with energy conservation in mind and starts paying for itself right away: When you're ready, expand the system to control all lights in your home - a single button press will put your system in "good night" mode, shutting down all desired lights. The same core system can be expanded to control audio/video and a whole lot more!

Package Three - Nervous Nanny: Watch your Home and Kids from the Road

Want to be home even when you're not? Check out our remote monitoring starter package: We'll even include control of any one light in your home. Turn on an outdoor porch light from the road, or automatically at sunset. Or choose any other light and control it countless other ways.

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