Remember life before e-mail?

...Before cell phones?

...Before whole home control?
It's 7am, Monday morning - time for work. But there will be no buzz, buzz, buzzzzzz of your alarm today.

Instead, your favorite song will start playing softly on your bedroom stereo to gently nudge you awake. Automagically, your television will awaken, as well, to show the current weather and your list of today's appointments pulled directly from your office calendar. After a brief delay allowing for your eyes to adjust, the window shades slowly roll up to reveal the glory of the day!

While our entry level solutions are a good way to get your feet wet in whole home control, those ready to dive in can enjoy an absolutely splendid palette of whole home control features and functions. Browse through this page for ideas on what whole home control solution we can design for the greatest of comfort, security and efficiency in your home.

Just keep in mind that whichever applications you choose, they will all work seamlessly together. You'll operate them from a common set of controls, and can orchestrate the various applications to respond together as one. (Just like in the above example where the stereo, TV, lights and window shades all joined in on that delightful "good morning" scenario!)
User Interface Options

You'll see many options below for what you can control in your home. There are nearly as many possibilities for HOW you can control these things - they are called "user interface options." Don't be overwhelmed by the following list of choices. Just know there are many different options available, and that you can have as many or as few as suit your needs and your budget. We'll walk you through the choices when you're ready! Music, Video and Entertainment

Applications in this area come in many forms, but the generally speaking they fall into the following categories:
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The first time you turn off all lights in your home at the press of a single button... well, let's just say it's good to have tissues on hand. Throw in the possibilities with User Interface Options, Motion & Presence Detection, and Scheduled Control, and you'll know for sure: it's good to be the king!

And it's not just about comfort and convenience. Automatic lights on is a key safety consideration, while automatic lights off will save you loads on your energy bill.
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Plug your thermostat in to your whole home control solution and show Mother Nature who's boss:
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Energy Management

Connect your electric meter to your whole home control system to track your energy usage in real time. Security and Surveillance

Whole home control introduces many ways to enhance security. And, because your security system can become a part of the seamless whole home control platform, it all becomes so much easier to manage:
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Telephones & Communciation

Whisper and carry a big stick, we like to say. Use the wall mounted touch screen control in your kitchen as an intercom to announce when dinner is ready. Use the same touch screen to switch off power on the Wii when the kids feel playing is more important than eating - or listening to their parents.

With whole home control, the lines blur between telephones, intercoms and controls - in a good way:
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Motorized Shades, Awnings and Doors

Whether it's the convenience of automatically lowering your shades to watch a movie, the safety of making sure your garage door is closed at night, or the energy savings from intelligently regulating light and sun into the home, there's lots to be gained when you get your doors and windows in on whole home control.
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Irrigation and Water Control

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Motion & Presence Detection

Based on detecting motion, body heat, and even cell phones, your home can keep track of who's where. What do you mean, so what?
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Information & Reminder Services

You know all those things you've come to expect from the Web, like anytime news, weather and sports; e-mails reminding you about your friends' birthdays; automatic notification when a new species of marine life is discovered (huh, that's just us?) Yeah, life's gotten pretty good. But, boy, it gets a whole lot better when combined with whole home control:
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Home Networking & File Management

Home networks area great. Except, when they don't work. Or you can't locate or access the files you need. Or your harddrive crashed. A healthy, secure and backed up home network a vital part of enjoying home technology, so naturally this an area we're sure to cover.
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Scheduled Control

You can set your alarm to go off or your DVD recorder to go on at a certain time. Why not everything else? Control lighting, air conditioning, sprinklers, music... everything, really, based on any kind of schedule you can dream up. Schedules can be as simple or sophisticated as you'd like. You can even base control on when the sun rises and sets, and have that schedule adjust automatically as daylight changes.
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Still More!

In addition to the above list of control options, the flexibility of today's technologies allow for virtually countless other possibilities that we would be happy to discuss with you!

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