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Whole Home Control was founded in 2008 by Cliff Rosen, a technology veteran with more than 20 years experience designing and building technology solutions of all shapes and sizes.  Cliff formed the company after renovating his NYC apartment and going through the meticulous process of specifying the technology and working closely with the architect and GC to bring it to life as an integral part of the apartment’s architecture.  The process was inspiring for Cliff, who currently serves as CEO and CTO.

In 2017, Mark Schwartz joined as President and COO.  Mark’s 20 plus years of technology experience focus on process and design.  His practical, no nonsense approach helps ensure that technology projects are geared toward meeting customer requirements, and not for the use of technology itself.

Together, we comprise a formidable team covering all aspects of technology infrastructure including design, development, quality assurance, project management and process management.  Having come from the demanding corporate IT and software startup worlds, our focus on design and process is second to none.

Of equal importance, our focus on and passion for architecture and what we call “home environment engineering” is what drives us.  We were led to home technology integration because it marries two of our favorite things: making use of technology and making the home a great place to live and entertain.