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Process is Everything

When building your dream home, you work closely with an architect to ensure even the subtlest requirements are realized for both form and function.  The technology in your home should not be an afterthought in this process.

In fact, the technology design should begin shortly after the architect’s schematic design phase begins.  This will help ensure that the architecture does not wind up boxed in by the technology and vice versa.

Whole Home Control’s thoughtful and thorough process is key to meeting these requirements.  It begins with the design and proposal process:

  • The first step is a review of the early stage plans for your home and a detailed discussion about which technologies you wish to incorporate.  Indeed, there are many to choose from, including WiFi, smart lighting, smart HVAC control, distributed audio, distributed video, home theater, motorized shades – and the list goes on.  We have meeting formats and technology templates that make the process of creating a preliminary design straight forward and even exciting.
  • Once the preliminary design is established, we will provide you with a custom Technology Design & Budget Guide.  This detailed document explains the price range you could expect to realize the initial design.
  • Next, we iterate.  The design and budget guide will lead us to design refinements, which in turn will lead to an updated budget.  We iterate until we have a design that best meets your needs and budget.
  • This culminates in a detailed proposal, clarifying the final decisions we’ve reached about technology selection in the home and the associated costs.

Ideally, this all happens before the general contractor is even selected.  Why?  Because the technology plans will impact the GC’s scope of work, and so we want that impact to be made clear BEFORE the GC lines up their ducks.  This helps to avoid timely and costly change orders.

From there, we are actively involved with the full build of your home, coordinating tightly with you, your architect, the GC and the other trades.  If we had to summarize our process philosophy in one sentence, it might be, you can’t over communicate!

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“The technology design should begin shortly after the architect’s schematic design phase begins.”