So, What is a “Smart Home”, Anyway?

The idea of a smart home was first conceived many years ago.  In recent years, however, the idea of making a home smart has evolved from being somewhat esoteric to nearly a fundamental requirement.  So, what exactly is meant by the term “Smart Home?”

The truth is that the term means different things to different people.  One thing most agree on, however, is the purpose of a smart home: to maximize comfort, convenience, safety and efficiency.

While the term will continue to evolve, here are some of the key capabilities you should expect from today’s smart home:

  • Lighting that is not only very easy to control, but also more architecturally friendly because “keypads” now replace large, unsightly banks of light switches.
  • Video and audio systems that give you the sights and sounds you want without so much gear cluttering your space and certainly without any visible wires.
  • “Orchestrated control” of lights, audio, video, security, heating and cooling, door locks, etc.  In other words, you can easily change the state of any or all of these systems together with a single button press, a scheduled event, etc.
  • Control over these systems from a phone or tablet, whether you are sitting on the Great Room couch or half way around the world.

To be sure, the list goes on.  But, if you start with these ideas in mind as you build your new home, you are headed in the right direction to make it a smart home.


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