To Wire or Not to Wire

When you think of Internet access in the home, you tend to think of WiFi – or wireless access to the Internet.  Lately, there has been a great deal of news about wireless speakers.  To be sure, wireless everything has been the promise land for quite some time.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that wiring is becoming a less and less important consideration when building a new home.  In fact, however, there is no bigger blunder than failing to get the correct wiring in place before the walls go up in new construction.

Consider these points:

  • WiFi only works well when you have enough wireless access points (WAPs) distributed throughout the house.  What connects these WAPs to the Internet?  Wiring!  If you don’t have wires run to the right places, you can’t have WAPs in the right places, and so coverage in the home suffers.
  • Wireless speakers are a good backup plan when wires are not in place.  However, streaming music wirelessly is much less reliable than doing so over wires.  Also, wireless speakers are not architecturally friendly.  That is, they can’t be installed in-wall or in-ceiling to blend in with the home’s architecture.
  • What connects your cable boxes to the cable company?  Wiring!  There is currently no substitute for these types of wires.
  • Suppose you are “cutting the cord” and replacing your cable boxes with Apple TVs and Rokus?  That’s great, but unless those devices have wired connections, you can expect lower video quality and even stuttering of the video.

The list goes on.  In fact, whether the application is Internet access, video distribution, audio, motorized shades, garage control, etc., having an adequate wiring infrastructure is critical to systems that are reliable, high performing and architecturally friendly.

When building or renovating a home, be sure to talk to the architect about a suitable wiring plan well before those walls go up!


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