Remember life before e-mail?

...Before cell phones?

...Before whole home control?
Our process for home technology installation is designed to be simple, yet thorough. In broad strokes, here's how we work:
Understanding your needs

We're the experts on home control. You're the expert on YOUR home. That's why our process for understanding your needs is based on an in depth interview and exchange of thoughts, ideas and knowledge.

You walk us through your home. We'll walk you through what's possible, pointing out opportunities to enhance comfort, safety and efficiency.

Understanding your budget

Our solutions start at $999. But, just like homes themselves, there is no real limit to what can be built.

Our basic guideline on pricing is that we'll tell you how much things cost, but you're in total control of the project budget.

Designing your solution

Once we feel we understand your requirements, we'll write up a proposal that we feel best meets your needs within the confines of your budget. After your review, any necessary modifications, and ultimate approval, we'll put a timeline together and get started.

Setting and exceeding your expectations is of the highest importance to us. We won't start on your whole home control solution until we're convinced it's right for you, and we won't stop working on it until you're convinced, too!

Ready to get started on whole home control? Contact us anytime to setup an appointment, or just to learn more.

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